Mick Smith

Mick Smith is Associate Professor and Queen’s National Scholar at Queen’s University, Canada. He originally trained as an ecologist but became sidetracked by philosophical, ethical and political questions about ecology that recieved little attention in a discipline desperate to assert its position as a ‘hard’ science. His interests lie primarily in social and cultural theory, hermeneutics, and phenomenology and his current concern is to develop a posthumunist understanding of ecological communities drawing on the work of philosophers as varied as Arendt, Agamben, and Nancy. Publications include An Ethics of Place: Radical Ecology, Postmodernity,and Social Theory, (SUNY, 2001) The Ethics of Tourism Development (Routledge, 2003) and Against Ecological Sovereignty, Ethics, Politics and Saving the Natural World (Minnesota, forthcoming 2011) plus 3 edited collections. He is on the editorial board of Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values and editor of Emotion Space and Society.