The members of the Extinction Studies Working Group actively publish academic books and articles in a range of disciplinary areas. All of this work is aimed at furthering discussions about the meaning and significance of extinction in complex multispecies communities.

Please also see publications listed on members’ individual pages.

Multispecies-Salon-cover_finalThe Multispecies Salon
Eben Kirksey: Duke UP, 2014
flightwaysFlight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction
Thom van Dooren: Columbia UP, 2014
ad_coverAnimal Death
Edited by Jay Johnston and Fiona Probyn-Rapsey: Sydney UP, 2013
With chapters by ESWG members Deborah Bird Rose, Matthew Chrulew and Rick De Vos
ep_coverTemporal Environments: Rethinking Time and Ecology
Edited by Jacob Metcalf and Thom van Dooren
Special issue of Environmental Philosophy, vol. 9.1, 2012
With chapters by ESWG members Michelle Bastian, Deborah Bird Rose and James Hatley
Facing Nature: Levinas and Environmental Thought
Edited by William Edelglass, James Hatley and Christian Diehm: Duquesne UP, 2012
With chapters by ESWG members James Hatley, Deborah Bird Rose and Mick Smith
Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction
Deborah Bird Rose: University of Virginia Press, 2011
Unloved OthersUnloved Others: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinctions
Edited by Deborah Rose and Thom van Dooren
Special issue of the Australian Humanities Review, vol.50, 2011
With articles by ESWG members James Hatley, Donna Haraway, Deborah Bird Rose, Mick Smith, Matt Chrulew and Thom van Dooren
Thom van Dooren: Reaktion Books, 2011
wsmWhen Species Meet
Donna Haraway: University of Minnesota Press, 2007