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Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations

We have now finalised our new edited collection: Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations, to be published by Columbia University Press in May 2017. The collection includes seven chapters by members of our group, along with an introduction by the editors and a foreword by Cary Wolfe.

extinction-studies-cover-small“Foreword” Cary Wolfe
“Telling Extinction Stories: An Introduction” Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren and Matthew Chrulew
“Walking with ?kami, the Large-Mouthed Pure God” James Hatley
“Saving the Golden Lion Tamarin” Matthew Chrulew
“Extinction in a Distant Land: The Question of Elliot’s Bird of Paradise” Rick De Vos
“Monk Seals at the Edge: Blessings in a Time of Peril” Deborah Bird Rose
“Encountering Leatherbacks in Multispecies Knots of Time” Michelle Bastian
“Spectral Crows in Hawai’i: Conservation and the Work of Inheritance” Thom van Dooren
“It is an entire world that has disappeared” Vinciane Despret

The cover for the collection uses a section of a beautiful art work by Isabella Kirkland called “Gone,” part of her Taxa series. Painted in 2004, as Isabella describes it, “The sixty-three species depicted in Gone have all become extinct since the 1700s and the colonization of the New World.” You can see the image in full and get a key for the species represented here. You’ve really got to visit the site and zoom in to get a sense of the incredible detail of the piece.